Investor FAQs

Where is NorthStar Realty Europe Corp. common stock listed?

Our common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "NRE". For more detailed stock information, please visit our Stock Information page.

Who is NRE’s transfer agent and how do I contact them?

The Company transfer agent is the American Stock Transfer & Trust Company and they can be contacted at:

Office: 800-937-5449
Or in writing at: Shareholder Services Dept.
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Can I purchase shares directly from the Company?

NorthStar Realty Europe Corp. does not have a direct stock purchase plan. Shares may be purchased through a broker of your choice.

When is the Company’s fiscal year-end?

December 31.

How do I receive the latest information on the Company?

To download our latest annual and quarterly reports, click on SEC Filings. That same page allows you to download a 10-Q, 10-K or other SEC filings. If you would like an investor kit, annual report or press release mailed to you, or if you simply have additional questions, click on Information Request.

How can I get additional information about REITs?

For additional information about REITs, please visit our industry trade association’s web site at

How can I receive Email alerts from NorthStar Realty Europe Corp.?

To sign up for Email alerts on our Events, Documents, Press Releases and closing stock price information visit our Email Notification page.

How can I request additional information from NorthStar Realty Europe Corp.?

You can contact us via our Information Request page.

Shareholder Contact Information

Gordon Simpson
855-527-8539 or
+44 (0)207 251 3801